Border Independent

Insurance Agency​​

Our Priority is Serving You
At Border Independent Insurance Agency, Inc our highly qualified, professional staff aims to process changes, answer questions and provide you with knowledge in the most friendly and efficient manner possible.  We pride ourselves on being available for access to resources and tools that can help you understand your insurance needs.  Our dedicated partners also offer free reviews and recommendations

Filing a Claim

Billing and Payments

We can connect you with companies that have 24/7 claims availability and excellent service.
You will​ have online access to manage your billing accounts and payments.  With a variety of options you can select a payment plan that best aligns to your current financial picture.

The Products We Sell​

  1. Umbrella
    If you or a family member are involved in a major event that results in serious injury or death to others your assets are on the line. When you consider defense costs, asset protection, and future earnings, no other product offers true "Piece of Mind" like a liability umbrella.
  2. Home Insurance
    Having the proper coverage for your home can make an enormous difference if you ever have an unfortunate loss. We can help you evaluate risk and identify what insurance coverages will help protect you. No two households are alike!
  3. Auto Insurance
    One of the riskiest things we do in life is to get on the road and drive. We'll suggest a coverage level so you can feel more confident that your family's protected. We are committed to educating our clients as to what is important in your auto program. We want you to know the "why" behind your coverage selections.
  4. Business Insurance
    Businesses have many moving parts. Our job is to help you identify risk and ensure proper coverages. Our Partners are dedicated to making sure the blood, sweat and tears you've put into your business are secured with a comprehensive coverage plan for the unexpected. We know business!
  5. Life Insurance
    Protect those most important in your life. How will your family be affected if you are no longer there to help support them? We know you mean more to them than a paycheck. Life insurance can help your family manage the financial impact of losing a loved one. Getting insured early in life is less expensive and affords more options.
  6. Recreational Products
    Make sure your leisure activities include coverage for your Snowmobiles, ATV/UTVs, Boats, Motorcycles and RV's, specifically liability coverage. Don't make the assumption that your home or auto policy will cover your toys physical value or actions using them.